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Christmas Savings and Gifts for Kids

Learn how online video can set you apart from competitors

Positive Customer Reviews = Trust = Sales

Are you using 21st century ideas to drive your marketing?

Are you still using a typewriter for word processing or calling the operator to make a long distance call? Of course not, so why would you use 20th century technology to sell you, or your business? Vive Studio takes what you do, and who you are and creates a powerful message to drive home the point to potential clients and customers.


Jones Paint & Glass Video

Video opens with a vignette highlighting company founder Harold Jones. Includes customer testimonials and product overview

Town & Country Bank Simple Pleasure

4 customers share why they find banking with Town & Country Bank to be a Simple Pleasure

Website Witness Protection Promo

This promo video is a spoof on hidden identity videos with the victims having suffered from a bargain web presence.

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