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EDDM is Cost-effective Direct Mail Advertising Option

14.5¢ per piece for postage. That is the rate to mail a “flat” under the Postal Services new Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. It is a low cost opportunity to conduct saturation marketing and expose customers in your local area to your business. With an additional 10-14¢ per piece (for a large format postcard) to cover design, printing, and mail preparation costs, your business can reach a broad customer base for about 28¢ each! (based on a print run of 10,000 pieces)

Even the best bulk mailing rates were more than double for postage. Then there was the cost of the bulk mailing permit, the cost of the lists and the list preparation costs, sorting, labeling. Direct mailing to your local market has never been so affordable. EDDM opens up the opportunity for a fraction of the cost of traditional bulk mail.

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Don’t overlook the copy editing and proofreading

Copy editing and proofreading are important to the integrity of any project. They are two distinct processes in the critical development and refinement of the content for your brochure, website, ad or other marketing piece. The two are often confused and overlooked.

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New Facebook Pages Launched Today

Today, Facebook launched the new Pages format which incorporates the timeline previously rolled out for personal profiles. This is a major change for businesses and will require businesses to make some significant adjustments to their presence. You will not be able to continue “business” as usual on Facebook. Until March 30, 2012 you can preview and make adjustments to your presence to work with the new format. On March 30 the change over will become live. There is no time to waste.

Here are five key changes for you to be aware of.

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4 Tips for Creating a Great Social Media Policy

Most policies and procedures document what staff should do in certain situations. They essentially boil down to a list of “If this happens, do that.” Social media policies must be  different because social media is evolving and changing, almost daily, so there is no way to know exactly what situations may arise.

A well written social media policy will support, protect and empower high-quality engagement. It recognizes that each social media network and each relationship is unique. It focuses on the big picture, addressing roles and responsibilities, legal compliance and branding, and why we do it. It empowers staff and communicates trust in them to act in a way that brings value to the customer and to the company.

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Stop competing on price!

Is your small business trying to compete on price? Are you afraid of the “big box” retailer that has the ability to negotiate lower costs? In most cases, your fears are unfounded because what you really need to do is differentiate yourself on value.

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3 Reasons to “Pay More” for our Experience

Today while manning our booth at the St. George Marathon Expo, I was asked, “with computers and software, why should someone hire you instead of a young creative student that has all of the same software and is likely to charge a lot less.” The question isn’t unfamiliar and is one I love to answer. Here are three key reasons why you should choose us.

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Should you abandon Facebook for Google+?

I just saw a post on Facebook that brought me up short. It wasn’t because the subject matter was particularly shocking—it was for a poll about social media platform usage. The question just seems extremely premature to me. Social media expert, Brian Solis, asked, “Will you abandon Facebook in favor of Google+?”

Google+ has garnered a lot of interest, and it is definitely offering some exciting concepts in social engagement. It has posted some impressive numbers with growth to 20 million users in about three weeks.

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Are Facebook’s Active User Insight Bloated?

Facebook e-mails each page owner about their page's activity during the previous week providing valuable trend insight.

Much ado has been made about Facebook’s “Active User” statistic in page insights. Some people consider this number inflated because it is in essence, an impression count. Perhaps it is misnamed, but it is an important statistic because it represents users who have engaged with, viewed, or consumed content generated by your Facebook Page including if they have seen it in their news feed.

In order to spread your reach and build likes and interaction with your page, you must be able to build impressions. If your posts are not being seen, then you have little opportunity to build new likes or to get people to interact with you. A high “Active User” count is invaluable.

If you have a high amount of “Active Users” but these are not converting into growth in the number of people who “Like” your page, visits to your page, and wall posts and comments, then you need to strategically look at the value you are offering in your posts and adjust to meet the needs of your target audience.

On the other hand, if you are seeing positive upward trends in page “Likes”, visits, and the feedback in posts and comments, then you know you are engaging your audience in a meaningful manner. From this point, you can start to evaluate if your interactions are building relationships that lead to positive business results such as new leads and sales.

It all starts with building your “Active Users”!

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