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First impressions of Google+

It has been nearly 2 weeks since Google first opened up Google+ to a limited group “testers” by invitation only. It took me this long to get my invitation and checkout Google+ first hand. I am just getting my feet wet, but here are a few of my first impressions.

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We are sponsoring a lucky business with a “Social Proof” package

I know it has been a bit since we last posted. We have been a bit busy here at Vive Studio preparing for a move while taking care of our customers. To celebrate the opening of our new office, we are inviting businesses to join with us in celebration of the opening of our new location. Beginning April 20 and through midnight May 9, business owners and managers can enter for a chance to win our Social Proof Infusor™ Reviews package with the winner to be drawn at an open house event May 10. 

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Social Proof: Trust vs. the Unknown

Talking to a stranger can be very unnerving. Giving a stranger money and hoping that they deliver the expected result is absolutely terrifying. The unknown creates doubt and doubt kills sales.

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Use Keywords in LinkedIn to Get Found

Are you on LinkedIn? Hey, if you are, let me know and we can connect! Now for the big question. Is LinkedIn working for you? If not, the problem may be with your keywords.

Keywords quite simply are words and phrases that match terms that others use in search boxes and if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t contain keywords used by people looking for what you offer, then your LinkedIn profile won’t provide great results for you.

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Facebook Profiles can now be converted into Business Pages

A common mistake businesses make when setting up their Facebook presence is creating a Profile instead of a Page. Profiles are reserved for individuals under Facebook’s terms of service and businesses using Profiles can have their entire presence deleted without warning when discovered.

Without formal announcement, Facebook has added a new capability to help businesses get their Facebook presence correctly established without losing connections they have already collected. You can read all about it in Facebook’s Help Center.

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3 keys for maintaining control of your brand

You can find countless statistics and examples of a trend that has exploded recently—the empowerment of the consumer. Due to social media’s growth on the internet, consumers are increasingly using social proof to determine which companies to purchase from. This increased access to share and to find information about companies has empowered consumers, but has it put consumers in control of a company’s brand message as some have claimed?

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You too can create brand resentment

Social media marketing has gotten a lot of attention lately—and well it should with over 500 million active Facebook users. But this medium is still new enough that everyone is trying to discover the best strategies and ways to engage their target audience.

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Facebook testing real-time ad targeting

Facebook began a test this month that mines real-time conversations to target ads. This has the potential to be huge for businesses—adding a whole new dimension to advertising on the platform. Facebook is running the test with a focus group about 6 million strong.

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