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4 Things to Know About the New Comment Plugin


Change is the only constant — especially when it comes to Facebook. Recently, Facebook unveiled a change to it’s Comments Plug-in and fortunately for every business out there, this change is an improvement that will allow a more efficient relationship between your Facebook Page and your website or blog. Today we will focus on how it helps your blog but I’m sure you will see how this can apply universally.

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5 Key Tips To Successfully Use Facebook Promotions

The history of Facebook and their promotions policy is shaky at best. However, don’t let this deter you from utilizing a very valuable marketing tool. Facebook started with virtually no guidelines, later came out with iron clad clamps, and now has come to a sensible middle ground. With all this change, how does one make sure not to violate the ever changing regulations?

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3 Simple Steps to More Secure Facebooking

Well Facebook slipped this one by me. A new security setting that you really do want to activate. It comes with a warning that you will slow down your browsing performance with Facebook, but in my opinion, a nanosecond slower response is worth improved security. What am I talking about? Facebook began rolling out to users, starting the end of January, the ability to connect and interact through the HTTPS or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This provides an encrypted communication between your browser and Facebook’s servers—a difficult to hack connection.

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Facebook Simplifies Monitoring of Page Activity

When Facebook launched the new Page design a couple weeks ago, it included some fantastic new features and options. One of my favorite new features makes monitoring your Facebook page simpler. Page Admins can now receive e-mail notification when others post to their Page.

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