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I am excited to offer you a FREE NO HASSLE CONSULTATION to share with you what we do to help businesses, like yours, generate more business by building positive SOCIAL PROOF through REVIEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA, and VIDEO.

I don’t take lightly this request for you to invest one hour with your time with us. I understand how valuable your time is and that you need to make every minute count. That is why you will not be sitting through a simple sales pitch. We will spend some time learning about you, your business, and your goals and then provide you specific ideas and tips that you can use—even if you choose not to buy our services.

Why would we do this? We are confident that you will see the value of developing positive social proof. As mentioned, you have limited time resources and by spending this time with you, you get a chance to see that we can help you develop this opportunity to grow your business. We believe that when we have finished, you will want to hire us.

Now, about the NO HASSLE part. I personally commit to you that when we have finished our consultation, we will not pressure you into anything. I do not believe in hard sale tactics because they provide a poor foundation for building a relationship of trust and to work together and achieve great results, we must trust each other.

I look forward to your call. Regards,

Richard Isom, President

Our Commitment is to Respect You. No Hard Sell.

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