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3 Reasons to “Pay More” for our Experience

Today while manning our booth at the St. George Marathon Expo, I was asked, “with computers and software, why should someone hire you instead of a young creative student that has all of the same software and is likely to charge a lot less.” The question isn’t unfamiliar and is one I love to answer. Here are three key reasons why you should choose us.

While it is true that many talented and creative youth will design a nice looking brochure, website, or other design project, almost all of them will lack technical experience when it comes to the decisions made to bring a project to final production in a cost-effective professional manner. Most of them will never have specified paper. They will lack extensive knowledge and relationships with print vendors and the various techniques and limitations of the production equipment these vendors own. There are numerous little technical decisions that contribute to the success of an advertising project.

In addition to my training and experience in print and web design, and in video production, I have a business education. I understand the importance of focusing and crafting a marketing message. We help clients first focus on their message and then create the vehicle to carry this message based on their target audience and their business goals. Most inexperienced designers will focus solely on the design and ignore this critical consultative phase.

While my hourly fees are generally higher than the student or inexperienced designer, most clients whom have come to me after first choosing to work with “the less expensive provider” have found my experience makes me faster. Even if my overall design fees are higher, I also am able to, in most cases, save clients money in final production because I know where the production efficiencies are and I know how to properly prepare the files for this important stage and avoid costly reprints due to errors.

I have over 15 years of experience providing services in advertising design. I have invested heavily in ongoing professional training to stay on top of a rapidly changing technical landscape. My experience coupled with this training allows me to professionally advise my clients in making decisions that not only provides good looking marketing collateral, but positions their marketing to provide a return on their advertising investment.

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