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EDDM is Cost-effective Direct Mail Advertising Option

14.5¢ per piece for postage. That is the rate to mail a “flat” under the Postal Services new Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. It is a low cost opportunity to conduct saturation marketing and expose customers in your local area to your business. With an additional 10-14¢ per piece (for a large format postcard) to cover design, printing, and mail preparation costs, your business can reach a broad customer base for about 28¢ each! (based on a print run of 10,000 pieces)

Even the best bulk mailing rates were more than double for postage. Then there was the cost of the bulk mailing permit, the cost of the lists and the list preparation costs, sorting, labeling. Direct mailing to your local market has never been so affordable. EDDM opens up the opportunity for a fraction of the cost of traditional bulk mail.

Under the Retail option, you can select carrier routes in your area totaling at least 200 addresses and up to a maximum of 5000 address per a day. You do not need the addresses as you select the carrier route or routes and the post office provides a count. You provide bundles totaling the number of addresses in that route and the carrier will deliver to every address, eliminating the need to create or purchase a mailing list and to individually address and sort the mail piece.

Registration for an account at is easy and provides access to EDDM tools to select routes and prepare the necessary forms. If you do not want to handle preparation of a mailing, you can have an agent perform this service for you. Vive Studio provides this service. You still must have an account and provide the agent with the CRID (customer registration id) and other account information they will enter on the forms, but from there the agent can prepare everything and deliver your mailing to the post office.

EDDM mailings are low cost because they eliminate most of the normal processing that the post office must do. You prepare the mailing for EDDM and drop it off at the delivery post office. In the St. George area, that means that if your route is in the 84770 zip code, you would drop it off at the Main Street post office, if it is in the 84790, you would drop it off at the Riverside Drive post office and if it was in Santa Clara, you would need to go there, or to Washington, Hurricane, etc. Whichever post office has that delivery route, the mailing must be delivered directly to that post office. There is even an option to send the mailing by priority mail if you wish to mail to routes that aren’t in your local area.

The mail piece must confirm to specific requirements, but EDDM provides a lot of room variety and can include large format post cards to envelopes. As long as they are designed within minimum and maximum size requirements and stay within certain thickness and weight boundaries, you will be able to send it at this incredible postage rate. Many of the requirements actually work to your advantage. Large format postcards have long had better visibility and response rates and are a preferred format for EDDM.

Vive Studio is excited to offer our expertise in designing, printing, and preparing EDDM mailings. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting marketing opportunity for your business.

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