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99% of people find consumer-generated online reviews to be credible according to a survey by Deloitte & Touche USA

Positive reviews, especially those that share an incredible story about how your business exceeded expectations are gold. They provide confidence to prospective customers that you will deliver. Unfortunately, in most instances, those stories go untold. Sadly, most people only take the time to give a detailed meaningful online review when they are upset. To combat this tendency, businesses must be proactive.

It isn’t that your happy customers aren’t willing to share their story of quality service, it is  because writing the review takes time and they aren’t as motivated to take that time as someone who is angry. Our Social Proof Infusor™ Reviews package is a proactive way to capture your incredible stories told in the powerful words of your customers. These verified testimonials build positive social proof that can be deployed across all your marketing.

We take the pain of writing the testimonial off your customer’s shoulders. By conducting, at their convenience, a short customer satisfaction survey, we simply get them to talk about how your business has made their life better. We then encapsulate their words into testimonial and get their verification that the review reflects their thoughts and words. This provides you with 3rd party verified reviews that you can deploy on your website, Facebook presence, in print marketing, etc. We even show your customers how simple it is to post this review on Google Places and encourage them to take a brief moment to do so.

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